Working with hunterPac means working with pedigree. Each of our highly skilled executives hail from the most notable names in the business world, including former consultants from the top 5 consulting firms, and former leaders of some top 100 Fortune companies.

hunterPac leverages its vast network of leading specialists to help illuminate new possibilities and opportunities to make a real impact. We coach, develop and mentor your team to capitalise on the moments that matter.

We’re the best people to elevate your best people.



We utilise a unique and aptly named ‘Hyperbaric Approach’. This is a custom strategic approach, developed, tried and tested over some 30 + years by Ken Owiti himself and the hunterPac team combined.

Referring to the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber, hunterPac similarly bring oxygen to the room in terms of energy, skills and experience. We uplift the organisation through a hyperbaric up-skilling team approach.

It goes beyond just increasing skill. We increase the intelligence, understanding, capability and culture within your business as well. The end result being your same team, but with a refreshed and restocked arsenal of knowledge, skill and strategic understanding to implement what is needed to move your business forward faster and as a more cohesive team unit than ever before.

We walk through the journey with you, only leaving you once we have made a significant impact.

Our aim isn’t to stay long term, we want to be able to make an impact and then leave you independent but stronger.

We’re your marquee signing for your team - an impact player if you will. We make a huge impact in a short period of time to build your team and business to the level you’ve always known it could achieve.



hunterPac offers organisations seeking to optimise their capabilities a unique Consulting approach to support organisations who wish to quickly tap into specialist skills, seek advice or solve specific problems in the short term.

Our consulting business offers expertise in the rapid design and execution of strategic interventions to uplift performance and solve issues in key business areas. We work with your teams to effectively manage restructures and organisational change. We partner with you to enhance performance, productivity and deliver pragmatic business outcomes. We have in-depth experience in the Technology, HR and Operations domains. We have an established history of partnering with Blue Chip clients across a range of industries (from Financial Services, Retail, IT, Government, Mining, Media and Telecommunications). Our core expertise is in delivering rapid outcomes (typically in 4-8 weeks) and building the required capability in our client teams removing the need for continued reliance on external support. 



We are drivers of people and skills. A collaborative incubator of knowledge, facilitated and streamlined by highly experienced, ex-consultants and respected international thought leaders from the top 5 consulting firms and the top 100 Fortune companies.

Our mission is to help you to take your organisation to the next level by increasing efficiencies. We promise to always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.