Technology Ventures



hunterPac have launched their Technology Ventures division headed by Anthony Page, leveraging its network of leading specialists to help illuminate old issues, fast track those lightbulb moments, drive new possibilities and opportunities to make a real impact.

At hunterPac Technology Ventures, we are putting effort into the future. Not just sitting on the sideline, but invested, engaged and involved.  We are helping to tie the physical world to the virtual world and building understanding of customer activity prior to the digital engagement.  By doing this we help our clients unlock their potential. We are heavily involved with research and development into business intelligence platforms utilising artificial intelligence, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

We strongly believe that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Henry Ford once said “If I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. The horse is a person’s reference point, which makes the answer very logical and therefore not very innovative - insight is the name of the game.



We recognise the need to do things differently, to innovate and create insight. To that end we are investing in Bio- analytics technology start-ups and incubating talented people and companies, supporting them with our networks of leading specialists. Our R&D investment can help your business stay ahead of the ever-changing business technology environment, deliver insight, extend corporate radar and stay ahead of the competition and excel in the moments that matter.

In essence, we help to define what the future of your industry is and capitalise on it by thinking ahead of the curve.



At hunterPac, we understand the paradigm shift of tomorrow will be exponentially faster than that of yesterday. Recognising that over the years has driven us to become leaders in human analytics, helping your business stay ahead of the ever changing business technology environment and providing actionable insight

  • Human analytics

  • Facial recognition

  • Data consolidation

  • Space utilisation and ROI

  • Occupancy

  • Occupancy tracking and flow

  • Design modeling

  • OH&S, health and wellbeing

  • Data as a service

  • IoT

  • Customer activity

  • AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning

  • Testing and vetting of software, hardware products and services

  • Insight Vending

  • Visitor management

  • Carpark analysis

  • Labs and workshops

  • Big and fast data determination

  • Construction site OH&S

  • Persona management and testing

  • Customer lifetime value - customer journey - customer experience - customer emngagement

  • Temporary Sensor deployment

  • Loading dock systems

  • Environmental mapping



Retail - Construction - Commercial Real Estate - Mining - OH&S - Insurance - Financial Services



We are drivers of people and skills. A collaborative incubator of knowledge, facilitated and streamlined by highly experienced, ex-consultants and respected international thought leaders from the top 5 consulting firms and the top 100 Fortune companies.

At hunterPac, we’re not thought leaders but rather thought shifters. Shifting of thought through experience, that’s everything we do. We bring weight of history, knowledge and experience of different industries to help you understand your projected future on a macro level.

Why is this necessary? Because if you always do what you've always done, you’ll always get what you've always gotten.

Put simply, we help shift the status quo of thought and fast track those insightful moments.